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Violence On Tv

            Violence portrayed in films are believed to be the incentive for violence in real-life. Though it may be true that violent films contribute to real-life brutality, movie industries have repeatedly denied the influence in the movies they endorse. There have been horrific cases, however, that points a finger towards the impact of violent movies in society. Undoubtedly, violent films do play a part in real-life violence and the movie industries should be accountable for the films they promote. .
             Recently the movie industry has been under fire from their lack of moral and cultural responsible towards what kind of films are produced and released to the mainstream public. With recent the events the American people has been questioning the morality of the of movie industry. Pushed often by financial incentive the industry has produced controversial and harmful films. Many people has question if there should be more censorship towards films that are produced. .
             The movie industry should take more responsibly with the kind of movies that are produced because of the imaged that they produced make impressions upon impressionable younger minds. Even thought there is a movies rating system in place to prevent minor and educate parent about the content of these movies. Even President Clinton question the rating system lack of responsibility towards checks on the viewer's age. .
             In the past few years there has been horrendous events that happened that cause the question of the movies industry agenda. Most recently the September 11 attacks to the numerous amount of school shoots that had taken placed. More stressed were placed on the movie theaters to check and prevent minors from viewing such films. However, there were lilted press placed upon the movie makers them self. The movie industry have recently been praised by reschedules certain movies on controversial issues, however; why were those kind of films created in the first place.

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