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My commitment to america

             This year's topic isMy Commitment to America's Future?. Although this is a somewhat broad topic, I got to thinking, what is wrong with America? What is there that I could possibly change about our great country? Then it hit me. I can change our culture. So, my commitment to America's future is to point out the cracks in America's moral foundation that have been caused by our culture.
             Our culture has become a gutter, relaying messages that glorify sexism, racism, and drug use. As a 15-year-old guy, I'm supposed to always be thinking about these things in order to be normal in our society. I think that that's deplorable. I look around and all I see is people looking for gratification. Junkies looking for their next score of drugs, guys looking for another girl to hook up with, and never talk to again. Am I the only one who thinks this behavior is wrong? In his book, Cracked, Dr. Drew Pinski says,An average person exposed to television, movies, and magazines is overwhelmed by messages that arouse, stimulate, and suggest that the answer to all life's problems is the same: gratification. Have a beer, take a pill, roll on the deodorant, get a Whopper, JUST DO IT!? in this quote, Drew is talking about a person in their mid-20s. Just think about what it is like for someone 10 to 15 years younger then they are. Scary, isn't it? I have to deal with this everyday.
             Our culture puts an extreme amount of emphasis on appearance. If you don't look a certain way, you are deemed not good enough, and it is all your fault. Maybe this is why suicide is the #1 cause of death among American teenagers. No one is perfect. That is impossible. The media sells an image that is unattainable by teenage girls. These images make guys judge women solely on physical appearance, not on personality, intelligence, or any other kind of good qualities. These hyper-sexed images make guys do anything to make themselves look good enough to date these girls, even to the point of using steroids to get big muscles to impress them.

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