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Experience in Service Learning

             "As she walked in the school, appearing nervous not knowing what to expect. She realized she had no idea exactly where she was supposed to go. She walked down the long corridor and noticed a group of kids having a snack in the cafeteria. She entered the cafeteria greeted by the lady she spoke to previously. The lady known as Ms. Brown escorted her over to a table where a group of 5th graders sat, enjoying Capri suns and peanut butter crackers. The room was noisy filled with laughter and children interacting in their usual manner. The young lady introduced herself to the apparent teachers in the charge of the class. After about 15 minutes the kids lined up then went to their classroom. The children took fast to the Howard University student, asking her all types of questions, ranging from where are you from to do you have a boyfriend? They were told by one of their teachers to take out their homework. The young lady walked around the classroom assisting students who were having a little trouble tackling their homework on their own. After homework was done the teacher told the students to bring their chairs, to form a circle in the middle of the classroom. After everyone was settled in their spot, the teacher asked them "What is cooperation?" Immediately hands went up, and the 5th grade students gave their responses. The answers that came from the students shocked the volunteer; she did not believe that children at that age could be so intelligent.".
             This came to be my experience the first day attending my Service Learning site at Meyer Elementary School. The school had an after school program set up by Howard University's Family Life Center. The program serves as a venue to help 4th and 5th graders achieve basic knowledge of the grade's level curriculum. Furthermore it taught the students good personality traits. It focuses on Math and Reading, established due to the fact that most elementary students lack the proficient skills in these subjects.

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