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Jonathan Edwards

             In Jonathan Edwards", a Puritan preacher, sermons he scares his audience into believing .
             in God by using different techniques that evoke fear and visions of hell. Some elements .
             that he used was either-or thinking, bandwagon, and emotionally loaded words. Much of .
             his sermon was either- or.
             The metaphors Edwards used were strong and effective on his audience. "It is true, that .
             the judgment against your evil works- There were Biblical allusions, references to .
             God and His power.
             The imagery portrayed by Edwards was astonishing. They painted such pictures in .
             someone's mind, such gory imagery. "That lake of burning brimstone, is extended abroad .
             under you. There . wide gaping mouth." His tone was so demanding and angry. The .
             similes he used to explain the wrath of God were so informative, so descriptive. "The .
             wrath of God is like great waters that are damned for the present ." Edwards used any .
             approach necessary to get his point across. He was determined to get everyone to accept .
             God and to live by the bible.
             His use of similes, his word choice, everything about the sentence structure and how .
             Edwards put together his sermons were amazing. The time he took to put together such .
             pieces of work, the time he took to explain. It took a lot of time. Edwards was such .
             zealot, totally devoted to Puritanism and whatever it took to get people to convert.
             As you can see, Edwards did a lot. He used metaphors, simile, emotionally loaded .
             words, bandwagon, Biblical allusions, imagery, diction, hyperbole, tone, and many other .
             techniques. It is easy to see why people would be so shaken up after sitting in on one of .
             Jonathan Edwards" sermons.

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