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The Road to American Revolution

             The Road to American Revolution.
             This paper discusses the factors that led to the departure of the American colonies from England, and the beginning of a revolution. It covers the economic and social issues that arose between England and its American colonies in the 18th century, and also mentions key points in history when America decided it would endeavor to become a free and sovereign country. Throughout this paper it will be shown that the importance of American economic freedom was so great to our forefathers, they thought it worth fighting and even dying for. Lastly we will discuss how those choices made over two hundred and 25 years ago affect us today in our economy, and our economic policies towards other nations.
             The Road to American Revolution.
             During the early years of the American colonies, England had adopted a laissez faire, or hands off policy toward handling issues that arose within the colonies, leaving them to establish governments, protect, and provide for themselves. But towards the beginning of the 18th century, both England and the colonies had changed considerably. England had become a world power, dominating in many parts of Europe, and even far off countries such as India, and Africa. The colonies had transformed from mere outposts, and small settlements, to potential profitable lands, both rich in resources and citizens. England realized that in order to keep the colonies working for the good of the mother country, they would have to develop a new method of controlling the colonies.
             England decided that they would begin a "commercially orientated administrative policy based upon the mercantile theory of economics"( Heritage of Freedom, 1997, pg 85.

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