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Washington and Du Bois DBQ

             Du Bois both had their own individual approaches for dealing with Black Americans poverty and discrimination problems at the end of the 19th and beginning or the 20th centuries. Their opposing strategies both greatly assisted their race through the times of struggle. They were passionate activists who fought for the cause in very different ways and spoke out for what they believed in.
             As shown by Document A, the school enrollment by race was much lower for blacks in the period before when Washington and Du Bois became a great impact on the educational system. Beginning around 1905, there was an upward spike in Black schooled children which is credited to the efforts and influence from Washington and Du Bois. From 1890-1910, the percentage of illiteracy in blacks decreased by over half as shown in Document B. Du Bois and Washington also helped reduce the racial discriminations against blacks. After the highest number of lynchings, 165, in 1865, they began to become less common, down to 60 over 20 years.
             Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois fought for the same thing, but had different ways of handling the situation in order to change the country we once knew. In the "Atlanta Compromise Address", Document D, Washington refers to slavery and tells of how the hard work of the blacks helped develop the South into the great empire it is today. The blacks do so much for our country and deserve an education. He said how loyal they are and they take care of whites and would even lay down their own lives to protect the whites. His goal was to try and make both races act and work together as one in unity. He wants equality to come and he ensures that the blacks are prepared to receive their deserved rights. Washington had a self-help approach didn"t directly challenge the white supremacy to the fullest.
             W.E.B. Du Bois voiced his opinion in The Souls of Black Folk, Document E. He wants the people to know that it isn"t possible for the blacks to make economic progress without political rights and room to develop as individuals.

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