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Role for Religion in public schools

            In my opinion, I don't think that religion in public schools is a real big deal but people obviously have made it such an issue that there have been Supreme Court cases such as McCollum v. Board of Education, and Engel v. Vitale. I think that the majority should favor in these such cases because it shouldn't have to deal with what "some" people don't want for everyone rather then what people choose for themselves.
             Roughly 11 years ago in a Time/CNN poll, it was stated that 78 percent of the respondents favored prayer in public schools. Three-quarters of those polled supported voluntary Bible classes on school grounds and prayers before athletic games. I totally agree with voluntary prayer in public schools because other people that don't agree with it don't have to participate in it. If certain people don't want to state the Pledge of Allegiance in school then they don't have to, along with not having to pray in school.
             There are both ups and to prayer in public schools such as kids feeling "left out" or uncomfortable not participating in it. I know that there cannot be a set religion practiced in public schools because there would just too many and it isn't like the school can single out one prayer. Students should have the right to pray on their own time and be respectful to those who r praying for such things as staying safe in an athletic event or praying that they will do good on an upcoming test. I feel that there doesn't necessarily have to be set religion classes in public schools but students should have the right to pray for what they believe in within a reasonable time a place. I"m not saying that a Muslim can pull out a red floor mat and start praying to Allah in the middle of the school cafeteria, but if they do it at a reasonable place with certain limits, then it is absolutely fine.
             Seeing how the first 10 Amendments are the Bill of Rights, I feel that banning religion from public schools is going against the First Amendment.

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