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Mental Health

             I used Nicoll's Nurses Guide to the Internet to find my web page (http://mentalhelp.net/). I will discuss signs, symptoms and treatments of Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, and substance abuse. I will also discuss how yoga plays a vital role in mental illness.
             The focus of this web page is on Mental Health/ diagnosis and Treatment. In September 1995, CMHC Systems chief John Patton decided to develop a website on the topic of mental health as a free service to professionals and lay people. The site is directed by Mark Dombeck, PH.D since July 1999, and last updated on July 22/02. Another helpful link to this web site ( http://www.centersite.org/poc/view )offers very valuable information.
             Other features of this web page are community resources, Search for Therapists, newsletters, advertising, search for jobs and provide other search engines, learning tools such as, video and self help groups. The site also provides information on various mental disorders such as schizophrenia, Bipolar, Depression, Mood disorders and Anxiety. The site also gives a listing of medications by classification. .
             I chose this site because I am currently working as a Psychiatric Nurse in the admissions office where I get to see first hand various diagnoses. I wanted to broaden my knowledge so that I can have a better understanding of these diseases, enabling me to relate better to my clients. Since I am familiar with some of the disorders I can say that the description of the disorders are factual. Also, the many drug representatives that comes to the hospital where I work gives in service on many of the diagnosis and medications listed on the website. I would rate this website as a nine, It is very informative It gives a variety of links and other websites to broaden my search. I did not find this website to be bias. I think that each, illness, subject matter was treated with the same amount of respect.

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