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Plantation history reflects the mentalies west indians

            Of the wide range of historical factors that have helped in the shaping the mentalities of the West Indian society, the plantation system has indeed played a major role, reflecting the experience of slavery, up to today. The plantation system, being the most prevalent institution within its duration, influenced West Indian people's values. .
             Where present day West Indian housing is concerned; housing features are used to categorise people, depending on size, location and type. This characterisation and division was brought from as far back as the colonial periods in the West Indies and is still present. Where, during the periods of slavery individuals were classed in ranking off wealth, education, and mainly skin colour at the time. This may be found to be less prevalent now. However housing materials and facilities were improved from the Plantation periods, but these houses is still being built predominantly over all these years in areas and styles reflecting class divisions. .
             Today due to liberalization and other factors, the social value of education has gained great emphasis. However, this was not the case during the colonial periods, as the masses were kept out of schools and forced to work, whereas upper class people sent their children back to Europe for an education. Here, we can still see this trend persisting even today, as wealthier people tend to give their children a better educational opportunity abroad.
             Without a doubt, the mentality of people today has stemmed over the years to a greater extent, from the footprint trail of oppression left in shaping the mentality patterns of the West Indian people displayed during colonial periods, up to this very day.

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