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A Native Classic

             An Indian reservation can be full of adventurous stories and mystery, but for victor joseph, this true story of his father would change victor's outlook on him forever. .
             "Smoke Signals" is the story of a child named Victor Joseph who grows up to learn that the story of his father saving his friend from a burning house fire is only half the truth. As a child Victor learns that his father drinks too much and abuses victor and his mother. As a young man Victor still struggles with the memory of his father and his absence.
             "Smoke Signals" is a great movie for mature audiences with a rating of PG-13. It is a drama with just the right amount of comedy added to it. Directed by Chris Eyre, and written by Sherman Alexie, with a running time of 89 minutes. Adam beach does an excellent of playing the part of Victor Joseph who in the story has a family crisis presented in front of him.
             His mother and father's, (played by Tantoo Cardinal, who was sensational in "Dances with Wolves" as the medicine man's wife, and Gary Farmer), relationship is in turmoil. After learning of a tragic happening in victor's life, he must now face a heart breaking and a needed life lesson. Supporting actor and actress, Evan Adams and Irene Bedard, play the roles of Thomas Builds-The-Fire, and Suzy Song. Evan Adams does a superb job of playing the naive and annoying character of Thomas Builds-the-Fire. Asking Questions like, "Why did ya father run away joseph?" or "Does your father hate you Joseph?" Somebody should give this guy the lifetime achievement award for best annoying human being.
             Irene Bedard does an impressive job of her role as Suzy Song. Her arguments with Adam Beach about him going into his fathers trailer to collect any valuables are very believable. Although, in my opinion her character is left thrown into the story more then smoothly written into it. As Victor and Thomas leave the state of Arizona, we as the audience never hear about her again.

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