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Nine Inch Nails: Influencing Industrial Rock

            vPerhaps the greatest thing about Nine Inch Nails is that every second of music they produce is really coming out of the mind of Trent Reznor. Trent Reznor and his band, Nine Inch Nails, have used such outrageous and unique ways to create their music, that it has heavily influenced, and in some cases changed, the way that Industrial Rock and Metal is created. Trent has used some of the most creative and ground breaking techniques to make his music sound the way it should, according to what is in his head. Since the rise of Nine Inch Nails" success, many bands have tried to imitate their sound. Some have failed (quite miserably), others have spawned their own creations that reflect Nine Inch Nails" sound, but mixed it with their own ideas and sounds. Whatever the case, Trent's ideas are some like none other that helped shape what Industrial Rock music has turned into today.
             Allmusic.com defines Industrial Metal, the genera that Nine Inch Nails can be put into, as such:.
             "While pure industrial takes its primary cues from experimental music and electronic dance, Industrial Metal makes the distorted noise of electric guitars a crucial part of the music. Some industrial metal bands base their songs around metal-style guitar riffs, while others use the instrument more for the harsh, abrasive textures it can create. Either way, industrial metal generally possesses greater aggressive force than straight-ahead industrial, which helped the style cross over to metal and alternative audiences accustomed to guitar-driven music. Industrial metal lyrics also mirror the darkness and aggression of standard heavy metal, although the sensibility is filtered through the personal alienation of punk and alternative rock. Whether its rage is turned inward at the self or outward at society, industrial metal is unremittingly bleak and angst-ridden, using its pounding walls of noise as expressions of near-hopeless alienation from the rest of the world.

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