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             The conservatism in the every day meaning says to keep the status quo (whatever it is). For the natural conservatism the following things are true:.
             • Use and enjoy everything what is accessible.
             • Prefer the known against the unknown, the tried against the new things.
             • To like more the facts, routine than the plans or projects.
             The ideology of conservatism started to develop after the French revolution. One of the main points of the ideology is the traditionalism. It means to respect the institutions and customs. The tradition, what inhibits the progression according to liberals, is the achievement of the history and wisdom of previous generations say the conservatives and it is not an accident that the following institutes and customs have developed. These institutes have developed for a long time and with the help of these customs and experiences can govern the society easier than the logic, mind or abstractions as the liberalists say. For that reason the conservatives decline the radical changes and universalism. From a conservative ideology cannot miss the political skepticism or the pessimism. This pessimism is meaning that the humans are imperfect beings. The evil is a part of a human as well as the fair and these features are not the consequences of the political institutes.
             The doctrine of inequality.
             A part of the conservative ideology is the doctrine of inequality. In a conservative view the people are radically unequal. They are unequal both in physical and mental abilities and opportunities. The inequality between the classes is statutory. It cannot be eliminated from the society. The attempts to eliminate these inequalities often lead to violence. This violence is used to equal the true reality.
             The doctrine of the ruling elite .
             This doctrine has an important consequence. In the society is hierarchy and there is also a leading elite. The conservatism has an interesting paradox although it is an ideology as well it declines other ideologies.

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