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Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover

            Everyday, people make assumptions of other things based solely on appearance. From simple things such as grocery items in a supermarket, to more complex decisions, such as choosing a person we want to spend our lives with, people make these decisions on the appearance of these things. We choose these things because, on the outside, they appear flawless. And some seem to think, if the outside is flawless, then the rest must be perfect as well. But as with anything in life, what is on the outside isn't always what is most important. A perfect can of vegetables in the supermarket may taste bad, a book with an exciting picture may be boring, and a woman with a Barbie figure may not be your best choice for a wife. In short, looks are not always the most important thing.
             Some people are based solely upon their looks, without knowing the person that lies behind the looks, whether it is in a good way or a bad way. This is called prejudice, and often leads to discrimination. Unfortunately, the society we live in often benefits people of superior physical attractiveness, and discriminates against those who may not be as appealing to the eyes. People that may appear flawless, or "beautiful", to society may gain unfair advantages in life, such as special treatment in the workplace, or contests. For example, who wants to look at an unattractive Miss America? The American people have said in order to be Miss America, you must be beautiful, thus discriminating against those less attractive. We expect to be treated equally, but this is not always the case.
             People that are more attractive may also advance further and faster in their careers. But this may not always be based on the fact they are superior in their jobs, but in fact exclusively on their looks. This is unfair to others who may excel at their jobs, but are not recognized because they may not be as attractive physically as other candidates for promotion.

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