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My 1995 Celeica

             The one place in the world, where I come closest to finding bliss, is in the driver's seat of my car. At no other place can I gather my thoughts, be myself, and basically just be in peace, like I can there. My parents bought it for me about a month before I got my driver's permit. I immediately started considering ways that I could make the car look better. It got the name "The Murple" from my girlfriend, who originally called it "the purple murple", in order to tease me about the color of it. .
             The car is a 95 Toyota Celica, but it's unlike any other in the world. The reason for this is that eventually it acquired countless modifications, such as a Veilside body kit, a GTR Spoiler, a Ractive exhaust system, 17" triple plated chrome rims, a custom sun roof, clear turn signals and side markers, blue neon glow from under the chassis and seats, and carbon-fiber dash trim, just to name a few. The color of the car changes somewhat from blue to purple. No matter where I go it always turns heads and drops jaws. If there is a little kid around and you"re in the car with me, you"re bound to hear "Mommy! Mommy look at the car!" Needless to say, it always attracts the opposite sex. Also, needless to say, my girlfriend of two years, always gets extremely pissed, which always makes me crack a smile. My car deserves no less, for the nirvana that it takes me to.
             In my opinion, there's not much that is more beautiful than trees and hills zooming by, and roads winding away, all from behind the black and blue interior of my car. I wish I could say the same type of view came from my rearview window, though, because the only thing you can see out if it is the blue GTR spoiler setting even with the top of my back window. I"m not sure if that's illegal or not, but thanks to my side mirrors it's safe.
             When I"m in it, the stereo is usually pounding out a song at full volume, from my favorite band, Linkin Park.

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