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My Greatest Dreams

            Can a person exist without a dream? Hardly ever. Everyone must have a wish for his life not to be just a physical existence but a real happy life full of aims and their fulfillment, adventures and complications. I personally have three largest wishes. I wish to travel to London, do parachutism and bungee and create an ideal family in future. These dreams make my life go round, because whatever I do I try to make them come true.
             The first of my precious dreams is to visit one of the most splendid capitals in the world which is to my mind certainly London. After I first heard of this charming city and saw pictures of it I fell in love with it. They say ancient cities have special air and smell. Thus, I dream to visit London not only to go round all famous sights I have ever heard of, but also to smell its streets and parks, breathe with its air full of people's senses and thoughts. I also think that to see London means to see the whole world. I mean that people from all over the Earth come hear to study, work or just fulfill their own dream as I want to. I believe one day I shall finally have an opportunity to see Westminster Abbey and Tower, London bridge and the heart of London - Piccadilly. .
             Another my dream is to go in for some kind of an extreme. Nowadays there are a lot of ways of entertainment, and one of them is doing something crazy. This word does not mean "stupid" at all, but something scary on the one hand but extremely pleasant on the other. I consider crazy such occupation as parachutism and bungee - jumping of the bridge upside-down. I am sure that feelings a person has while this can not be explained in words. It must be just like a bird's flight. I fly and all the rivers, lakes and forests seem so small to me. There are fluffy white clouds around me and I am absolutely free. Nothing matters to me anymore. I wish I could feel all this in reality and my second dream come true.

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