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The American Dream

            What is my definition fo the america dream? I'll get to that in a second ok! I think the american dream has changed over the years. In the 1700's the american dream was simply being free. We achieved that dream by winnng the revolutionary war. That dream in my opinion is the greatest gift in the world. Toda y we have proud men and women fighting to defnd all the "little things" we take for granted.For Abraham Lincoln the american dream was to stop slavery and see all men and women have equal rights. Even though he did not getto live to see his dream come true it was still attained. So is the american dream attainable? Most definetly just look at what this country has accomplished.My definition of the american dream is just to live in peace and enjoy being yourself.Many other things to me define the American dream.Football, Bar-b-que, good music, being with your fiends in the summer time, and of course beautiful women.Alot of these things to me are the american dream and th american way.In conclusion I say tht this is truly the land of oppurtunity and what your dreams are you can achieve them because nothing is impossible.This nation ha proved that more than once.On the final note the american dream to me is just to have an oppurtunity to live my life to the fullest and to have the chance to chase my american dream.

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