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Greatest dream

             It has been one of the most common topics for great writers to write about. From Shakespeare to the West Side Story it has caught many people's hearts and minds with an emotion overload. This is my version as I recollect a situation that started with love at first sight.
             It was my first day at Drama I was pushed and pulled and then put into place beside a young delicate girl. As she looked up at me, she smiled shyly. I didn't know how to react I was a bit bewildered and felt awkward. We were told to hold hands, as we were now a couple' in a scene. I grasped her hand softly but my palm was sweaty and nervous. I felt dizzy and my stomach filled with butterflies. I tightened my grip around her slim figures and with that she looked up at me and gave me a smile of reassurance. As I caught her eye there was a sparkle in it and it hit me. I felt something for this girl, whether it be lust, desire or even love I did not know but I felt a strong emotion flowing through my body.
             So that was that I had fallen for her. The phone bill rocketed my, school work plummeted. She orbited my world as if she was my sun and it felt like I could not live without her. She gave me energy. She gave me light. It was hard to stay away from her, she was the center of gravity and she drew me closer and closer. .
             I'm not sure if she knew the effect she had on me as at this time we were still cross referencing each other and finding out every little detail there was to know. I eventually had a bright picture of what she is like: pure, honest and kind. A holy flawless light that would do know wrong.
             This made me take a passé back, not because of what she was like but it made me think of my flaws! I was scared. I didn't know how she would react when she herd the stories the rumors THE TRUTH - about my shameless past that I've been trying to rid for so long.
             That was it I felt I could not go on she would surely turn away and never set eye on me again.

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