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A Dream

             It was an average night in mid-July, nothing was different, the same as many nights before. Usually I spend my summer nights drifting in and out of consciousness, but on this night, I can't sleep. I'm lying in my bed, eyes closed. The television is playing off in the distance; loud enough to make its presence known, but too soft to decipher what program is playing. In a cold sweat I sit up, I was dreaming with my eyes closed and my mind focused on none other than this girl. She doesn't know I am thinking about her. That's the way it is with thought, nobody knows for sure what you are thinking. They can guess, but they are always wrong. .
             Anyway, this girl has no idea. She knows I exist; we"re friends. This is not one of those pitiful love stories you see on the big screen. I am not the sappy character played by some up and coming actor. But I digress. .
             This girl has the most beautiful smile and when smiles she stretches her lips from ear to ear. It is as if heaven and hell were separating diametrically. The bridge of her nose appears to be the bridge between the greatest good and the greatest evil. On one side, there is a hoop of gold, symbolizing a halo, the ultimate sign of heaven. The other ear is pierced seven times. She would tell me that there is one ring for every deadly sin. As pretty as she is when she smiles, when she is mad her beauty transcends. It is as if when her lips perk together in an angry frown, heaven and hell collide and at that instant, even G-d is vulnerable. The basic principle of which the universe revolves around states that G-d is infallible. If the Devil were to defeat G-d, the world, as we know it, would cease to exist, and therefore every time she moves her lips, the fate of the world rests solely in her beautiful smile.
             She's a model of perfection.

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