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Dreams and Experiences

            When I was in high school, I had a scary dream. In this dream, I was chased by my ex-girlfriend. For many who regret that they ever left a past lover behind, this might have been a good dream. But for me, this dream became one of the scariest dreams that I could recall in my recent lifetime. In this particular dream, my ex-girlfriend happened to be a mechanical robot. She, or should I say "It-, was equipped with many harmful weapons and looked incredibly indestructible. When she was so close to me that I could feel her breath on my neck, I woke up. I could not remember having a dream that was as scary as this. .
             That day, I saw her at school and I nearly jumped when I first saw her. I half expected her to have some kind of harmful weapon in her hand. I saw her many more times that day, and each time I saw her, I made a conscious effort to keep my distance. Deep down I was scared of her. To this day I can't look at her without thinking about one of the scariest dreams I ever had. I had never given thought to the power of a dream.
             Understanding why it is that certain dreams affect me more than others is the dilemma. In her essay "Semblance- Suzanne Langer says that dreams mostly do not contain images. "Dreams do not consist entirely of images, but everything in them is imaginary- (Forrest, Martin, Hoy, 90). Though a dream might seem as real as reality, it is still completely virtual according to Langer. This implies that when I wake up from a dream, I should be able to convince myself that the things I saw in my dream were virtual, and I would not be affected by the events in my dream. Unfortunately for me and many others, the virtual aspect of the dreams becomes so real that we may be able to fool ourselves into thinking that it was real. I discarded this theory very quickly on that basis.
             Writer James Hillman says that it is the worst dreams that stay with you the longest.

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