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Affirmative action

            America's pride and joy is the fact that it is a land of opportunity. Anyone can supposedly come to our country, or already being born here start from nothing and build themselves up to their own "American Dream". Our past experiences with racial and ethnic discrimination has led us to hold up the ideal of a race and colorblind society. However, when we try to help every race, sex and ethnic background achieve their American dream with the utilization of Affirmative Action, how colorblind do our colleges and universities become?.
             It's argued that Affirmative Action is a step towards "moral and practical ideal of integration" (Patterson, 58), making sure that underprivileged ethnicities are integrated into the higher education system. It is a way to ensure that minorities have an equal chance to receive the educational attention that whites have been taking advantage of for years. However, it is also argued that Affirmative Action, a push to eliminate discrimination, ultimately discriminates itself. Euro-Americans are ultimately the victims of Affirmative Action when less qualified minorities are supposedly taking up space that the privileged white male should have with his perfect SAT and GPA scores. .
             I feel that Affirmative Action should be implemented. However, I do agree that in some ways Affirmative Action is definitely not effective and some ways unfair. So with this in mind I believe that it should heavily be reformed to ensure that whites and minorities share equal claims in America's universities.
             There is no question of whether or not minorities should be benefiting from Affirmative Action. For decades African-Americans and females have been receiving what seems to be the leftovers from what privileged white American males have been leaving behind. I totally agree in this case that Affirmative Action is a way to "give back" to the minority to this population. True is the fact that an African-American teenager in the 21st century wasn't discriminated against in the 1960's or that a white male today isn't the reason of decades of racism that is far in our past.

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