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Drum Circles

            The first image that came to my mind at the mention of drum circles was a bunch of hippies beaten on drums in the usually, nonsensical, musical hippie way when my uncle (a hippie of sorts) was telling me how he was getting involved with a drum circle near Silverton, Oregon. This wasn't the first off the wall thing my uncle told me, so I didn't think much of it, other than good for you, (but not for me). Recently, Common Pulse, a local pair of drum circle facilitators gave a drum circle presentation to a class I am in. I must say for as stupid as I thought it would be, it added an extra energetic lift to my life for the next few days.
             "A drum circle is an event in which people get together to create music spontaneously, in the spirit of community and communication," says InnerRhythms.net. In more simple terms, drum circles provide a place for people from any culture, age group, or ethnic background to come together to make musical and spiritual harmony. The beauty of these events is that everyone is encouraged to express themselves and let their feelings and motions take over, to let go of everyday life and be a kid again. People join in for many reasons; group bonding, prayer, healing, or spiritual celebration as examples. People do not have to worry about whether or not they have rhythm. It is believed that all humans have a natural heart beat, and in turn are blessed with natural rhythm says ubdrumcircles.com. .
             Some people find expression from simply drumming, while others find themselves dancing and singing to these rhythms. Most people go to drum circles to help "make them feel good, reduce stress and reconnect with the community," says ubdrumcircles.com. Drum circles, however, are not limited to recreational entertainment. Some businesses use "corporate" drum circles to build team work and moral. Other people participate in "Health and Wellness" drum circles at places such as senior centers to give the tenants of these facilities exercise or fun.

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