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Polar bears

             Polar Bear's.
             My report is on Polar Bears. The Polar Bears genus and species name is Ursus maritimus, latin for "sea bear". The Bears group names are Order-carnivora, all of these have developed claws and a pair of cheek teeth for biting into hard or tough foods. The Order-carnivora includes Otters,Cats, Dogs, Bears, Raccoons and their relatives. The other group name is Family-ursidae, all bears belong to this family. The family is divided up into three different subfamilies, ursinae (Black Bears, Brown Bears, Polar Bears, Sloth Bears, and Sun Bears) Tremarctine (spectacled Bears) Ailuropodinae (Giant Pandas).
             Polar Bears are found throughout the Circumpolar Arctic. In the South, Polar Bears visit St. Lawrence Island, Southern Labrador, and Svalbard. When there is heavy ice the Bears have traveled as far south as the KamchatkaIceland,Pribilot Islands, and Newfoundland. Some are even found living year-round in James Bay, Canada (the southern Polar bears that is). Most of the Polar Bears are found near land masses around the edge of the polar basin. The Polar bears inhabit the Arctic sea ice, water, islands, and coastlines, even though they prefer sea ice habitat with leads (water channels or cracks through ice which may remain ice free for only a few minutes to a couple months, depending on the weather and water conditions) next to continental coastlines or islands. most pregnant females spend the autumn and winter on land during there maternity days. The temperature which they have adapted to is freezing. The ocean Temp. in the winter is about -2C (28F),that's when the water freezes, and air temp is usually 0C (32F). In the summer the water temp is -1.5C (29F) and the air temp is around -34C (-29F).
             Polar Bears breeding season starts in April and May on the sea ice. The male Polar Bears follow the females tracks for more than 100 km, we are unable to figure out what signals the males are using to track the females yet.

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