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polar bears

            Ursus maritimus is the scientific name for a polar bear, directly translating from Greek to English into "sea bear". And a sea bear is just what the polar bear is. Unlike other bears, the polar bear is very large and equipped for an aquatic and different lifestyle. But, however, despite its aquatic lifestyle and its desire to reside outside on sea-ice year round, though, they are also much like other bears. .
             Most commonly found in or around the ice-covered waters of the Arctic, a scientific explanation approximates that there are anywhere between 25,000 to 40,000 polar bears currently living in the world. The areas in which they are most likely to be seen are Alaska, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Svalbard Archepelago in Norway, Canada, and Greenland; the majority being in the Canadian Arctic. Due to the extreme and harsh conditions of which they live in, it is necessary for them to have all of the adaptations that they have. .
             The polar bear's white coloring is perhaps one of the most crucial adaptations that they possess. The white coloring acts as a camouflage, being able to blend in with anything - whether it is land, ice, or water. The camouflage is useful when hunting and also when being hunted by humans. Another unique characteristic that makes the polar bear different from most bears is its enormous size. On average, a male polar bear generally weighs about 770 to 1,500 pounds, but have been weighed in once at a high more than 1,760 pounds. The average female weighs anywhere from 330 to 720 pounds, sometimes breaking 1,000 pounds while pregnant. In addition to its heavy weight, it is also rather tall. The polar bear is able to measure up to about five feet in height from the top of the shoulder down to the paw, and about eight feet from the tip of the tail to the tip of the nose. The tallest polar bear has measured up to about ten feet in height. A tall and built structure is not something that comes quickly to the polar bear, for when they are born they weigh less than a kilogram and are only about twenty-five centimeters long.

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