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Strengths and weakness

            Every individual has personal strengths and weaknesses that shape his or her.
             One has to fully understand and be able to use his.
             strengths and weakness in a positive way to succeed in life. Our everyday life, whether at.
             work or at home is affected by how we use our strengths and weakness. We can improve.
             our strengths and work on our weakness to achieve positive goals in life. the most.
             successful people know that by working on their weaknesses can bring significant.
             I learn more and more about my strengths and weaknesses everyday. I was raised.
             in a big, closed knit family with emphasis on family values and strong moral ethics. That.
             shaped my life in a significant way to how I approach everything from work to personal.
             relationships. I learned to respect everybody regardless of their beliefs and different.
             views. That helps me at work to listen to my teammates different ideas and work with.
             them in a positive way to achieve maximum results. I am also ambitious and have strong.
             loyalty to my family and friends. My ambition to be a better person and succeed in life.
             made me start school as well as working full time and helping my parents out with their.
             needs. I am strong willed and want to achieve maximum in life. I have been.
             working at my current job for 4 years and have been twice promoted. My strong will and.
             ambitious nature helped me climb up the ladder and be a better person. My respect for.
             my teammates earned me their respect and has created a pleasant and effective work.
             environment. My loyalty has given me close friends who have been my friends for a.
             long time and have helped in tough times and remained close in good times. I have a big.
             heart and never hesitate to help any of my friends in their time of need. I love children.
             Strengths and Weaknesses 3.
             and love taking out my nieces and nephews to movies and park.

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