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             I agree with David Mamet's statement that Carol and John are "both altogether right and altogether wrong". I can see how he can relate to John from a teachers perspective as well as from the standpoint as a man communicating to a woman. John is in a position of an authoritative figure and crossing that teacher-student boundary proved to be very detrimental to him in the end. Carol, on the other hand, had what would appear to be good intentions to approach her teacher with legitimate questions regarding her coursework in John's class. Although upon her entrance into the debacle with her teacher she begins to pry in to his private affairs and use this information to harm him later. .
             In the beginning of their tumultuous conversations Carol appears to come into this discussion defensive. She doesn't feel confident about her ability to learn in John's class. Carol tries to explain to John what she is confused about. Carol says, "I"m just: I sit in class,,,(She holds up her notebook.) I take notes I I"m doing what I"m told. I bought your book, I read your No,no,no. I"m doing what I"m told. It's difficult for me. It's difficult - (Mamet 6) John proceeds to tell her how she feels instead of teaching her what she is having difficulty grasping. She appears to attempt to begin to discuss what she is doing and look for where she can improve, so I believe this is where Carol is altogether right. John seems to want to help her although with out attempting to understand where she is coming from. He appears to provide her a quick fix for her problem with his class as well as cross a major line in their teacher-student relationship. John says, I"ll make you a deal. You stay here. We"ll start the whole course over. I"m going to say it was not you but I who was not paying attention. We"ll start the whole course over. Your grade is an "A". Your final grade is an "A."" (25) John proceeds to speak to her as if he was her friend or more.

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