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             Oleanna is a movie about a young college girl named Carol confronting her older male professor named John about understanding his class and his book that he wrote. Carol is failing the class, she goes to his office to try and get her grade improved but while they talk they are continually interrupted as the talk throughout the movie.
             In the first act we see the two characters in the professor office. She comes in and starts saying that she does not understand many things in his class and in his book and says that is the reason for her struggles in the class. In the begining the professor never really seems to understand the problem she has probably due to the fact that he keeps getting phone calls about his house that him and his wife our purchasing. They are purchasing the house because John is receiving tenure. The whole first act Carol also interrupts John pretty much non stop. During their discussion John decides to help her but in doing so he really never helps her with her problem but instead he gives his view on education and on life in which she takes everything the wrong way. Also during the conversation we see Carol get very emotional and excited so the professor tries calming her down so he grabs her and sits her down. Then at the end of the first act you are lead to believe that Carol and John are going to get together. Just by the way that they talk about his problems with his wife and it just feels like there is sexually tension between both of them.
             Then in the second act we discover that Carol has filed a sexual harassment suit against John. Now John is the one in jeopardy of losing his job and his precious new house. In this act the roles are reversed and he does not understand her. During the final confrontation she provokes him and he starts swearing and telling her to get out then she pulls the final straw and says that he should not talk to his wife that way. So then he beats her up and that is where the movie ends.

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