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Classical Period

             The term classical music applies to music that is composed in a certain style between the.
             Music composed during this time contained a well-defined sense of proportion. Classical music was difficult for listeners to enjoy, but after time it dominated. During this essay I will be discussing different aspects of the classical period, along with popular composers.
             Modern listeners often think of classical music as "serious" and "boring" music, but to people of that era, nothing could be farther than the truth. Classical music was very different from the music in the Baroque era. Moods would change very suddenly or gradually, and could express two or more emotions. Unlike Baroque music, classical music had a variety of different rhythms throughout a piece.
             Melodies in classical music were the easiest to remember. Melodies were often balanced and very easy to sing. Many nursery songs were written during the classical period. Dynamics were also very different from the Baroque era. Composers used a widespread of dynamic change. Due to the change in dynamics, the piano was invented and eventually replaced the harpsichord. .
             Another aspect of the Classical period was political. During the Classical period there were many world events. These years marked the Seven Years' War, American and French revolutions, and the Napoleonic Wars. Economic power went from the church to middle class. Making the middle class more powerful in social events.
             Along with musical and political content, artistic was another aspect. The type of art style was called neoclassical style. This style recaptured the simplicity of ancient Greek and Roman art. Most artists would paint personal visions. Two popular artists during this time were Jacques-Louis David and William Hogarth.
             Another aspect is intellectual. Many new scientific methods were discovered during this period. Galileo and Newton changed many new views of the world. They referred to this as the "age of enlightment", which was a way of saying that the average person is learning more and that things are not quite as they seem to be.

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