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Comparison of Violence in the movies

            Comparison of Psycho and The Usual Suspects.
             Psycho opens up with the caption "Phoenix, Arizona Friday, December the .
             Eleventh Two Forty Three PM."" In this specific time and location lend the film a .
             truth. The title credits appear and are slashed apart; this corresponds with the film as its .
             murders are performed with a slashing butcher knife. Alfred Hitchcock directed psycho. .
             The movie was a bit shocking and viewers never knew what was in store. The murder of .
             Marion, who was the apparent heroine, occurred within the first hour of the movie. .
             Hitchcock treated Marion and Norman as if they would be developed into the entire .
             movie. Norman Bates seems to be a nervous and harmless person, although his spying .
             on Marion as she strips and his fascination with death. His personality is divided .
             between himself and his mother's. Marion arouses part of Norman as well as repulses .
             him. However, in mother, murder reinforces her relationship with her son. To Norman .
             the murders are his most intimate sexual exchanges. .
             At the time of its release, in the 1960's, the movie was a courageous and explicit .
             film, dealing with brutal murder and risqué sexual situations. The opening shot of the .
             movie suggests it's later voyeurism, as it looks through an open window and then enters .
             the room. Inside are Marion Crane and her boyfriend Sam in their underwear. This .
             scene is tame by today's standards, however, it was not when the movie was made.
             The setup involves a theme about the guilt of an ordinary person trapped in a .
             criminal situation. The movie starts off from the viewpoint of Marion Crane, who is a .
             young banker, who on her lunch breaks, secretly meets with her boyfriend Sam in a hotel .
             room. Marion steals $40,000, however, she appears to be a character innocent of crime. .
             Marion's motive is love and her victim is a creepy real estate customer. The movie never .
             feels like it will mislead us.

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