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Rape of nanking

            Chinese/Japanese Hostilities Timeline.
             1894-5 First Sino-Japanese war - fledging Japanese navy defeats Chinese fleet off.
             Yalu River. Fortress of Port Arthur (Lushun) stormed. After the war, Japan .
             seizes Taiwan and S. Manchuria.
             1910 Annexation of Korea.
             1926 Hirohito becomes Emperor.
             1931 Sept.18 - "The Mukden Incident" - Bomb explodes under Japanese-owned .
             express train in Manchuria (planted by Japanese secret agents); Japanese troops .
             proceed to occupy all Manchuria.
             1932 Chinese boycott of Japanese goods leads to the "Battle of Shanghai"; Japanese .
             aircraft carriers in action for the first time. League of Nations condemns .
             Japanese aggression in Manchuria.
             1933 Japan withdraws from League of Nations.
             1934 Pu Yi - former emperor of China - becomes puppet emperor of Manchuria.
             1937 July - "The China Incident" -- a skirmish between Japan and Chinese troops at .
             the Marco Polo Bridge (Luguoqiao), near Peking, sparks off a full-scale invasion .
             of China. Nanking Massacre .
             August - Japanese bombers make the first trans-oceanic raids in history - from .
             Taiwan and Kyushu to Nanking and Shanghai.
             Nov.- Imperial General Headquarters established in Tokyo (the Emperor, the .
             Chiefs of the Army, and Naval General Staffs).
             Dec. - The Nanking Massacre (Rape of Nan king) - the Chinese capital sacked .
             by Japanese troops. The American gunboat USS Panay bombed and sunk near .
             1938 Dec. - Japan proclaims a "New Order in East Asia".
             1940 May - Chungking - war capital of China - bombed day and night by Japanese.
             Sept. - Japanese troops occupy northern Indo-China. Japan signs Tripartite .
             Pact with Germany and Italy.
             1941 July - Japanese troops occupy southern French Indo-China.

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