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Heart of Darkness

             Throughout the earlier centuries, women were often perceived as weak minded, lacking intellect, and passive in their decisions. This view led many to believe that man is the superior race and women should not be as strong willed and as independent as males. In Conrad's, Heart of Darkness, the women are presented as people who are unstable without the presence of a male figure. The females of this novel represent those that are indecisive in who they are without a man at their side. Conrad presents three different types of women of Victorian society - the aunt, the Intended, and Kurtz's mistress. .
             The aunt is a woman that is nave and ignorant to what is happening outside of Europe. Her lack of knowledge of imperialism makes her think that the Company is praiseworthy. She believes that imperialism is the best for the natives and that it is a good cause. This makes her believe that trying to get Marlow hired is for a good cause. The aunt is unable to realize the evilness of the imperialistic society, therefore; she promotes the Company and wants Marlow to be apart of this "good cause."" She uses the phrase, "weaning those ignorant millions from their horrid ways- to persuade him that imperialism is like an outlet to the natives. The aunt tends to overlook the bad qualities of imperialism and only sees the financial benefits of the job that she has offered Marlow. .
             The Intended is living in a reality world that is isolated from reality. Not really knowing what Kurtz's intentions are for her, she constantly dreams up ideas that make Kurtz seem like a wonderful man. The world that she is apart of is blinded of Kurtz evilness by the hopes that he loves her as much as she thinks. The Intended is somewhat like a child that is ignorant to the ways of society. The child does not know what is going on; therefore, they are, in a sense, innocent to the evils of the world. She does not know the inner evil of Kurtz because she has not been with him since he went to Africa.

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