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Rain Man

             In the movie Rain Man Charlie Babbitt goes threw many personality changes. At first Charlie is a very dishonest person. He is dishonest to many people such as his customers, the bank and others he comes in contact with in the movie. He is also an inconsiderate person, he has an autistic brother that he take from his home called Wall Brook, a intuition for autistic people in hopes of getting part of their father's three million-dollar trust he left his brother. Not knowing what he is getting him self into he is just thinking of himself and the fact that his father leaving his brother with all the money. Charlie is inconsiderate of Raymond's feeling he calls him names such as retard because he doesn't act normal and Raymond throws fits when things aren't how he is use to them being. He is also disconnected from people such as his father brother and girlfriend.
             When the movie starts out, there's a scene of Charlie's car business where he imports expensive cars. He lies to the bank to get a swing loan to import Lamborghinis from another country. He also lies to the customers he is selling the cars to. He tells them that the cars have passed all inspections. The customers have found a deal somewhere else and want their down payments back. Charlie is trying to make a deal with them. He persuades them into still doing business with him buy saying that he will give them a couple hundred dollars off the two hundred thousand dollar vehicles. .
             Charlie is also very inconsiderate of his autistic brother. Charlie wants to fly instead of driving and Raymond throws a fit. Raymond obviously doesn't like to fly. Raymond also throws a fit in the diner when the maple syrup isn't on the table before the food comes out. When Ray gets nervous he recites a skit called "Who's on First" it's a joke that Raymond doesn't understand because he has no sense of humor. Charlie embarrasses him buy calling him names like retard and yelling at him.

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