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Gender and Ethnicity

             Whether by boat, plane, or following their men on foot women from different ethnic backgrounds have managed over the past few decades to enter the United States and make a life for themselves. These groups include the Africans, Asians, native-Americans, and Hispanics. These people come from all over the world to enter our country and be a part of our diverse culture. Although a long and hard journey these women that have come so far and endured so many hardships have now been able to add American at the end of their names. How they got there is a story all in itself. In this paper I will be discussing the story of the Asian American woman and the Native-American woman.
             Asian American refers to many different groups. These groups include the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Guamanians, Philipinos, and Vietnamese. The fact that this term does refer to so many groups and is very broad for the sake of argument in using the term Asian Americans assume that it means the Chinese, Japanese, Philipinos and Koreans. Asians are now living here in the US and according to many recent studies they are on average making more that the average white. Asian Americans are doing well for themselves putting their families through collage graduating at a rate double that of .
             whites. Although the Asian Americans have been in the US for quit some time the traditions of their culture have followed them across seas and have stayed a custom over the years. Like many other cultures the Chinese believe that the women have lees of authority than that of a man. They are considered to have less signifigance than a man. The Chinese also believe in the strength of a family, they value family and elders very much. Stereotypes of the Chinese have stuck with them the same way that their cultural traditions have. Many people all around still believe that the men are some type of fighting warrior while the women are quiet, shy, incompetent women.

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