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Racism and Ethnicity

            In today's day in age, you would think that racism, sexism, stereotyping, and any act of discrimination or prejudice would be put to an end. Unfortunately, people from around the world still undergo consequences because of their skin color or the religion they follow. The problem with this is that people do not understand that our skin color is only skin deep. What we look like and the religion or the faiths we follow do not define who we are. It is very obvious that the humans of this world do not understand the true meanings of what a race is or what an ethnicity is. .
             It seems as though the term "race" is not fully understood. Race is a distinct population of people with genetically transmitted physical characteristics in which is what I understand to be true as well with this term. These physical characteristics include skin color and hair type. I say that the term race is not fully understood by people because no one should be shunned upon or rejected just because their physical traits may be different from someone else. Then again, that is what the word "ignorance" is for; for those who actually judge people based on what they look like. People tried to believe that each race is a separate species. This is where Social Darwinism comes into play. Social Darwinism deals with the principles of evolution, survival of the fittest, and natural selection to human groups. The idea of "social Darwinism" has often been used as a general term for any evolutionary argument about the biological basis of human differences. Following Social Darwinism was eugenics. Eugenics is based on forced natural selection and the belief that humans should get rid of their week. Examples of eugenics are forced sterilization, euthanasia, and genocide. .
             With ethnicity, it is the same story for people getting judged. Ethnicity is a term which represents social groups with a shared history, sense of identity, geography, and cultural roots which may occur despite racial difference.

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