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            I have several concerns about dealing with children that have disabilities. I am afraid that I will have students form one extreme to the other in the same classroom. I am not sure how to deal with gifted students and disabled students at the same time. Some students want to learn as much as they can as fast as they can, while others have to take their time and repeat the information over and over again. I am not sure how to deal this type of situation without hindering any student. I am sure I will learn more about dealing with this type of situation and other situations as I observe in classrooms and as I start to teach my own class. .
             Learning more about the disabilities that students could have will make dealing with the disabilities easier to handle. I feel that knowing the most about the disabilities will help me know how to react to a student or situation when it may occur. I hope to talk to experienced teacher and ask how they dealt with disabilities in their students. I feel that talking to experienced teacher will be a large help for me. I am not as worried about talking care of students that have a hearing impairment because I have taken two classes in Sign Language. I might have to be reminded of a few signs, but having a head start will definitely help. I also have a hyperactive brother that I have lived with for 17 years. I hope that dealing with him will help me deal with students like him. I have seen how he reacts to situations and especially to criticism or punishment. I hope that seeing his reactions for years will help me decide how to react to my students. .
             I have thought of a few tasks that will help students as well as the teacher. I believe the giving small tasks, such as: handing out papers, writing on the board, etc, can be given to students that have a tendency to act up when they get board. Keeping those students busy will help to keep the classroom a little calmer.

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