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Affirmative Action

             Is affirmative action still necessary in America today? Basically the answer is yes, affirmative action is a fundamental need in American society. The aim of this essay is to show the significant importance affirmative action has on business by going beneath the surface of the affirmative action issue and analyzing its fundamental elements in order to recognize the lasting impression it has and will continue to have on American business. As a novice student, I am learning about affirmative action as I research, write, and display my own view of the debatable issue. Not having a lot of knowledge of the topic at hand has weakened the authority I hold over the issue. Although I am not well rounded on the debate I have indirectly gained authority on the issue through credible sources. Having gained access to the views of people who are credible on the topic of affirmative action has given this essay and myself the authority to display my perspective of the issue. For example, Heman Belz, a professor of American constitutional history at the University of Maryland, as written extensively about the history of civil rights. Paul L. Watchel has gained his knowledge over the affirmative action issue from interviews, casual conversations, newspaper accounts, opinion surveys psychological experiments, psychoanalytic inquiry, explorations of historical debate and policy deposits, interpretations of public and private rhetoric. Lawrence Becker, Susan Clayton, Faye Crosby, Ronald Fiscus, and Leslie Francis all have similar credentials, being professors at major universities in the United States oho have done extensive research on the affirmative action issue. Through these several sources of information, I now realize the fundamental importance this issue holds in the business community.
             The affirmative action issue originated in the 1950's a little after World War II.

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