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Seneca Falls Leads to Women's Rights

             Throughout the years womankind has gone though many changes. In the early colonial years, women spent all their time at home. They were merely sex objects. Their sole purpose in life was to bare children, raise them and tend to matters of the home. In small farm families, women also helped with the farm. Women have come a long way from this old fashioned mind set that "a woman's place is in the home." Among one of the contributions to this evolution is the idea of women's rights.
             The birth of women's rights was the Seneca Falls Convention. Several women ran this meeting. It was created "to discuss the social, civil, and religious condition and rights of women." (Millstein 98).
             Before we actually go into detail about the Seneca Falls Convention, lets describe the typical life for women in the 1800's. In the old days, a woman's life was supposed to follow a certain set of rules. When a baby girl was born into the family, she was dressed in pink and given dolls. She was told that when she grew up she would become a mommy and take care of her own real babies. Of course, this little girl received less education than her brother did, but since she was going to be a housewife she didn't need an education. She also would not play sports or become involved with politics. Those areas were a man's place. .
             As the girl grew older, she was taught that her life should revolve around marriage because she would not be able to do anything else. She would spend her life by her man's side and be dependent on him at all times. The man would provide her with whatever she may need. In return, she would take care of the house and children and prepare meals. The woman was supported and the man had a comfortable place to come home to. This meant they both got something out of the deal and everyone was happy. At least this was the idea.
             Of course, we know this wasn't it at all. Many women felt there was something wrong with this "perfect" picture.

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