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            Women have equal rights in today's society? Discrimination is no part of the world today? These statements are falsely acquitted and took less seriously in today's society. In the beginning of time the world has been prominently run by the dominating race, that of the male gender. Men through out history have always been perceived as strong, powerful, heroic beings. Men are depicted as fighters, providers, and of course first class citizens. Woman on the other hand have always been perceived as weak, delicate homemakers, and unintelligent. Their main purpose in life is to cater for the men, and take care of the house and kids; of course they were perceived as second class citizens. I being a woman in today's society still deals with discrimination against our gender on a daily basis. .
             For example not only women suffer highly from this in general, that of being discriminated against for one's gender, but also certain races and origins have a high impact on this. Men knowingly running the country since the beginning of time, even before religion was included have downed the race of not prominently raised first class white females. I believe that all woman are short changed and not created equal regardless the role that men take in the society. Woman do discriminated against woman thinking the color of skin, or background has a right to impact their emotions and rights to being equal. All creatures have been born the way they are, and the way they are is from the adaptation of what surrounds them. Therefore this leads to woman already being secondary and woman of other races that aren't the true caucasian white American to be even more discriminated against. .
             Like every race and every animal in a tribe woman have formed together to make race/origin not an issue when fighting for over all rights to one gender. Discrimination was set aside and women pulled together fighting against the believed impossible act of being equal with men.

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