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Reconciliation of Ethnic Parties in Afghanistan afte

             Reconciliation of Ethnic Parties in Afghanistan after .
             11 September.
             Part one[introduction].
             The drama has not started just after or on 11 September, neither have the Taliban been introduced just now but the world first became aware of the Taliban in 1994 when they were appointed by Islamabad to protect a convoy trying to open up a trade route between Pakistan and Central Asia. Years of conflict have made gun culture the norm in Kabul .
             The group - comprised of Afghans trained in religious schools in Pakistan along with former Islamic fighters or mujahedin - proved effective bodyguards, driving off other mujahedin groups who attacked and looted the convoy. They went on to take the nearby city of Kandahar, beginning a remarkable advance, which led to their capture of the capital, Kabul, in September 1996. Ordinary Afghans, weary of the prevailing lawlessness in many parts of the country, were often delighted by Taliban successes in stamping out corruption, restoring peace and allowing commerce to flourish again. .
             The Taliban said their aim was to set up the world's most pure Islamic state, banning frivolities like television, music and cinema. Their attempts to eradicate crime have been reinforced by the introduction of Islamic law including public executions and amputations. A flurry of regulations forbidding girls from going to school and women from working quickly brought them into conflict with the international community. .
             Such issues, along with restrictions on women's access to health care, have also caused some resentment among ordinary Afghans.
             "Basic intro and definition of Taliban".
             The Taliban, which in Persian means ''the Koran students,'' should perhaps study harder and take a closer look at the Koran. They might discover that some fundamental tenets of Islam have eluded their scrutiny so far. These range from the obligation incumbent on people to feed the poor, to the compassion and mercy that are among the attributes of God and are supposed to inspire the behavior of true believers.

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