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What We Should Do In Afghanistan

            Look into the history of a country and the mistakes that were made with that. Acknowledge them, understand them and use those mistakes to create something better. This is what must be done with modern Afghanistan to create a future for the Afghan people. The world has seen the trouble that the country has been through and now it must end. But how? The United Task Force has to agree with the idea that the plan for Afghanistan should not be forced onto the people but decided with the Afghanistan and International leaders. International influence should be present because at such a time of instability chances cannot be taken with a poor guidance. The International leaders will assure hat the country will get a good start before they remove themselves from being so heavily involved. The most important aspect of the plan is learning from the mistakes made in the past and using that to build a better future. .
             The history Afghanistan has been one of many rulers. Alexander the Great, the Mongols, the Persians and the Hindus are all ones who had been present in the process of history. But it was the British and Russians who had the most effect. Due to its location between Russia and India Afghanistan had interest for both Empires. Having control of Afghanistan would create a buffer zone between Russia and interests, the British had, in India. Russia on the other hand wanted more territory. Both found the leadership in the country easy to manipulate due to Afghan's internal problems. Afghanistan is not made up of one ethnic group, but many. These groups have had internal problems with one another and still do today. In the 1800's, during the Imperialistic Era, the British took over and set up a system of leaders that failed. Offering one person power in exchange for land they slowly took the country away from its people. One puppet leader after another was overthrown forcefully due to their oppressive treatment of other groups.

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