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Women in Canada vs. Women in Afghanistan

             Imagine a world where laughter is considered sinful, holidays are banned, and watching a movie or listening to music is treated with the same consequence as murder. Imagine a hot summer day, and being allowed to wear only clothes that cover everything but the eyes. Imagine a world where being stoned to death is considered one of the more humane ways to die. In Canada, the pre-mentioned scenarios sound like something out of a movie, but to women in Afghanistan, this is reality. As I discuss the lack of freedom given to Afghani women, try to imagine yourself in their shoes. .
             I will start off by discussing a matter that tends to be questioned, criticized and comes up in the news frequently; this of course is the concept of an arranged marriage. It seems appropriate to start off with this, since the theme of this essay is freedom, and an arranged marriage is the greatest example of the lack of freedom given to women in Afghanistan. In Canada, the dating game is interesting, enjoyable; sometimes a little nerve wracking and disappointing, but overall meeting potential partners and going on dates has become a staple in our society. I don't think I have ever been in a restaurant without noticing two people out on a date together. Second glances are never sent in the direction of two people out getting to know one another in a date fashion, whereas a date is unheard of in Afghanistan. No movies, no dinners, no walks on the beach. As cliche as that sounds, it is a sad thought to ponder, that women in Afghanistan will never be able to experience falling in love or taking part in the excitement of getting to know someone new. Their partners for life are chosen by their fathers, who do not even have the decency to base their choices on things such as personality or the compatibility of the two people involved in the marriage. An arranged marriage is based on two things; money, and what the joining of the two family names can do to benefit the elders of the families.

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