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Global Abortion Laws

             Legalization of abortion can prevent the unnecessary suffering and death of women. In many countries, like Afghanistan, women still go to prison for having an illegal abortion and is not allowed even in cases of rape or when the pregnancy endangers the life of the woman. The other hand some countries they all have different perspective on abortion laws; some believe its ok in case it affects the woman's health and in other countries that are religious believe it is wrong. They believe it is against their religion to kill a child that has not been born yet. Abortion remains a controversial topic in today's society. While some support the right of the mother to choose what to do with her body, others support the right of the fetus to live. By examining the legal issues of abortion, it is easy to see why this is not an issue with a simple solution. One of the legal issues of abortion revolves around the rights of the pregnant woman. Since pregnancy places a toll on a woman and even puts her at risk of death, forcing her to carry a child that she does not wish to have goes against her legal rights in some countries, but not Afghanistan. The reason is that men believe that women are not equal to them and that they are more dominant and feel the need to have power over them that's why abortion is not legal in Afghanistan. .
             As such, pro-choice supporters believe the woman has the legal right to have an abortion. Anti-abortion advocates, however, feel the legal rights of the unborn child outweigh the legal rights of the pregnant woman. In Canada women and even teens can have an abortion because it's legal and it's your choice to not have the baby if you don't want to. The reason to how abortion became legal in Canada is that the majority wanted the woman to have the right to decide over her own body. They have always been done and this way more women will survive. Canada became one of a small number of countries without a law restricting abortion.

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