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Afghan Women

             Discrimination against women all over the world is a serious problem.
             States has shown some progress when it comes to this issue by allowing women to.
             file lawsuits against discrimination, but the women in Afghanistan have not been.
             educated for them to know what's right and wrong and for them to file a lawsuit.
             As I come from Oman an Arabic country where our religion is the same as.
             Afghanistan, The women have the right to drive, work and the way they dress in.
             most of the Arab countries, older generation dress up with traditional clothes.
             which is a normal cloth just covering the arms and legs. It is their wish if.
             they would want to cover their face. The middle age women, example Mothers, wear.
             a black rope called "Aabaya" and again it comes again to their wish if they want.
             to cover up their hair. However, teenagers dress up as western but less.
             revealing clothes. In 1970's when our ruler "Sultan Qaboos" came in power, he.
             send a degree giving the women their rights, one of these rights is working,.
             Oman is the first Arabic country to have a women ambassador in Holland.
             representing Oman. There are two types of schools in Oman when it comes to.
             education a private school where boys and girls are taught together. The second.
             is the government school and this school is for parents do not want their.
             daughters to be with boys. The women have the same equal rights as men,.
             comparing Oman to Afghanistan I could say Oman is a free country. The problem.
             with Afghanistan the men do not allow their wives or women to work or even.
             teach. Because they cannot work, those without male relatives or husbands are.
             either starving to death or begging on the street-even if they hold PhD's. In.
             addition, the women have been beaten regularly for dressing improperly and.
             jailed for the slightest act or impropriety. In the article "Now, the hard part".
             by Babak Dehghanpisheh was talking about a women called Fahima she was jailed.
             for improper act, if the women were at least educated she would have known that.

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