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             The women in Afghanistan have been denied their civil rights in a country dominated by tyrannical men. These tyrannical men are in a group called the Taliban. They have total control, including control over women. They control how they dress, how and with whom they could go outside with, and they even used force to get what they want. Women in Afghanistan end up having no choices, no rights in their lives. Women as humans had no rights.
             It all started on "September 27, 1996 at around three in the morning the Taliban came into Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, and put up their white flag" (Latifa, p.1). Everyone was scared including young men. One by one the Taliban invaded every household and took everything they had. They took control of schools, hospitals, and most important women. They no longer allowed women to be 70% of the teaching force. Schools were no longer coed (both boys and girls). That meant that women could not get an education. I could not imagine being illiterate. I don't understand how you could do everyday things without knowing how to read, write and do some mathematics. For example, how could you go to the store and buy things if you don't know how to add or even how to count money. Another thing that the Taliban did was remove all females from hospitals. Hospital beds were mainly for men; it was a ratio of 70% men and 20% women. As you can see, these men had total control over women.
             Women had to wear a burqa at all times. It was a piece of cloth that covered their entire body. There was only a netted piece that went over their eyes. The only thing it didn't cover was their feet. Their feet had to be covered with socks and shoes. Their socks and shoes couldn't be white because it was offensive to the Taliban to cover such a low part of the body with a color that was the same as their flag. The burqa was their only passport that the Taliban demanded. So all the women looked the same.

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