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Drama Inside A Drama

             The play "Hamlet, Prince of Denmark" was wrote in 1600 by William Shakespeare. The play can be described as a "Tragedy/Drama" because of the situations and circumstances that take place within the story. The prince of Denmark; Hamlet; is confronted with a need to uncover the truth of his fathers demise and to shame those who are responsible. His Uncle Claudius and mother; Gertrude; are the guilty parties, but Hamlet is not sure how his mother partook in the ordeal. Whether she was involved or just aware of what had happened is just one of the dilemmas he faces. The episodes between now King Claudius, Queen Gertrude, Prince Hamlet, Polonius and his daughter Ophelia could be a little drama of their own. .
             Polonius's theory of Hamlets so called "madness" as he states to Claudius, is the result of "neglected love." Polonius has a daughter, Ophelia, who is viewed as a beautiful woman. You could say that Hamlet is fond of Ophelia and would like to court her, but because of warnings from her father and brother Laertes, Ophelia won't really give him the time of day. Polonius is sure that this is the cause of Hamlets behavior.
             Polonius belief is wrong, though Hamlet may be fond of her; the true cause of his erratic behavior is his fathers death. You could argue that Hamlets neglected love amplifies his behavior, but again it is not the motive for his behavior. The circumstances that led to Claudius to take the throne has Hamlets head in an uproar. .
             Hamlet believes the murder of his father was pre-empted by Claudius and his mother Gertrude. He is confronted by his fathers" spirit in the form of a ghost. The ghost tells Hamlet that he was poisoned by Claudius and more or less his mother was innocent. In Hamlets eyes she is still at the very least guilty of incest, and believes she knew or now does know of the criminal act. He can't believe that his mother could move on so quickly from Hamlets father to his uncle, and too wed two months later.

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