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Pearl Harbor

             Pearl Harbor was one of the hardest hits America took during World War II. It was very hard to understand how the country was under the impression that Japan was the enemy. Pearl Harbor had a big effect on the American trust of other foreign countries. This attack caused America to enter into World War II, perform a counterattack in Japan, and create the allied forces.
             On December 7,1941 while the American Troops were sleeping on a Navy base in Hawaii the Japanese were getting ready for the most important battle of World War II. America was attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. The attack was so bad because America wasn't aware of the problem that Japan had with them. While America was talking peace with Japan they were lying in our faces when they said that they didn't want war with America. The Japanese gave American Generals medals to symbolize peace with US. On the morning of Dec. 7, 1941 the Japanese destroyed Pearl Harbor in just an hours time. Their main idea was that the rise and fall of the Japanese empire depended upon this battle. They made sure that everyone will do his duty with utmost efforts. These were words spoken by a Japanese general. The Japanese targeted the larger American ships and air bases. During the attack they managed to destroy the several of the US's major ships including the USS Arizona. This was the largest ship that the US had docked and owned in Hawaii. The USS Arizona had the largest amount of American soldiers on it. It was hit with a 1,760 pound bomb, and sank with 1,106 crew members on board. After they hit the Arizona they bombed the major air bases. After this attack America was ready for war.(Battles and Battlesences of WWII), (www.movies.yahoo.com), (www.geocities.com), (World War II).
             "Dec. 7, 1941 a day that will live in infamy" the first words spoken by president Franklin D. Roosevelt in a speech when he addressed the nation. After this speech a counterattack was being planned by the American army.

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