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Pearl harbor

             The attack in Pearl Harbor in December 1941 shocked United States. It meant not only the complete destruction of an important naval base and the loss of many lives, but in the first place signified the beginning of a great struggle for nation's survival. At a time when France falls to Germany, and Russia and Great Britain are at the verge of falling, nothing seemed to prevent the Nazi and its powerful allies to conquer the world. And though the attack in Pearl Harbor was shocking, the nightmare of expected upcoming problems was much greater. .
             While incidents similar to the Pearl Harbor attack were unconsciously expected by many Americans as they were watching in great detail struggles on European scenes of war, they still couldn't accept such a miserable defeat of their naval base. Just like Hitler blamed the German Jews for the defeat of Germany in WWI, Americans came to blame the American Japanese for the defeat of their forces in Pearl Harbor. As there was no evidence of the German Jews activities against their German government also there was no conclusive evidence of even a single American Japanese engaged in betrayal against America. .
             "A day that will live in infamy," was what President Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt called December 7, 1941. Although World War II had been going on for quite some time, the U.S. had never wanted to become involved. They signed various peace treaties, such as the Neutrality Acts which stated that the U.S. would not help either side in the war. Although the U.S. was staying neutral, they had done many things to help the allied powers and diminish the possible communist takeover being sought by the axis powers. The three communist leaders were Benitto Mussolini, dictator of Italy, Adolf Hitler, dictator of Germany, and Joseph Stalin, dictator of the Soviet Union. The three leaders believed that Fascism was the best type of government. They ruled over their people with terror.

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