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Causes of World War One

            For centuries Europe had always been a conflicting continent. With many countries all with different points of view on the issues of the times, disagreement was bound to happen. When the twentieth century began the world began to mature, along with its leaders. Most believed that if a major argument arose it would be able to be settled in peace. But when the early disagreements started in the early nineteen hundreds war seemed inevitable. .
             Imperialism was a factor of conflict in Europe. The have not countries wanted to be equal if not superior to the other countries of Europe. Germany wanted a better navy, and Austria-Hungary wanted an end to self determination.
             Extreme nationalism of European nations and their leaders resulted in intense competition. They main powers in Europe fought for the best military and economy. Nationalism was also a problem for Austria-Hungary and the Balkans because they are comprised of many different contrasting ethnic groups who felt that self determination was needed. .
             Alliances had been forming in Europe for years, European leaders thought that if each country would be protected in times of war that no sensible country would start a fight. .
             Austria-Hungary had been arguing over the nationalism of ethnic groups and was looking for a legitimate reason to declare war on Serbia. When the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austria-Hungary throne, and his wife Sophie were assassinated on June 28th, 1914, Austria-Hungary quickly declared war on Serbia. .
             Germany and England were also in a head to head battle of militarism. With Germanys strong land based army, and England's superior naval fleet, the two nations were in severe competition. .
             Germany and Austria-Hungary's alliance brought with it both countries adversaries. Germany was on bad terms with England over militarism, France because Germany had possession of Alsace Lorane, and Russia over power in the Easter Hemisphere.

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