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What is broadcasting

             From the time that it was initially made possible through the invention and widespread popularity of the radio, broadcasting, the act of transmitting a radio or television program for public use, has been used effectively to reach millions of people. Broadcasting has a very interesting history and has evolved much over the many years it has been utilised as a way of communication. This was and still is by far the most convenient way to reach millions of people at a time in a matter of seconds. Broadcasting has been, and will continue to be, the best source of information and entertainment as well as an industry of opportunity.
             The release of radios to the general public in the early 20th century spawned the first real step in the importance of broadcasting for the use of information. It was a convenient time for this to come about, as it wasn't long after, that World War 1 started. All around the world, radio was the only source of up to the minute information about the war. Many think of radio and television as the most convenient source of information compared to other avenues of information sharing such as newspapers. Some networks of both radio and television are completely devoted to news and current events, and are by far the most effective way to stay informed. Not only is broadcasting an easy way to share information, it is also a source of entertainment for all ages.
             Entertainment through broadcasting came to be, shortly after radios became commonplace in homes around the world. Through radio variety shows as well as other weekly shows featuring the likes of Jack Benny and The Shadow, radio became another option for entertainment besides live shows, films and other popular choices. These radio shows are what evolved into our modern day sitcoms and drama programs. Sporting events, award shows and reality television shows often bring people to watch the broadcast in record numbers.

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