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Market Structurees

            Over the course of a product life cycle, as Quasar Computers starts taking steps towards a monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, and pure competition, our profit opportunities diminish. So the strategies that we recommend our firm to pursue and to prolong our profitability include: a product specific marketing campaign that last three to four months, bundling additional accessories with the purchase of an optical notebook, and assuring that the selling price stays competitive and close to other notebook competitor's prices.
             A product marketing campaign will inform the general public about the new features that is surpassing other top competitor's similar product. Marketing towards large corporations, mainly targeting senior and middle level executives will prolong our profitability. .
             Bundling additional accessories with the purchase of an optical notebook will entice consumers to purchase the Quasar notebook over similar products. This will not only attract consumers to the notebook, but will also allow them to view other additional products that we can offer to them.
             Assuring that Quasar stays in competition with our top competitors, we will guarantee product differentiation. Creating a market that is free of price wars will give us the edge in competition. .
             By creating price differentiation, bundling, and product specific marketing we will be able to stay competitive in the monopolistic and oligopolistic market of optical notebooks. .
             Since our firm operates in an oligopoly, we must take into consideration how competitors will react to their price and output decisions. One suggestion we might use to govern the reaction to price and output decision would be to keep up with technological advances so not to be left behind in this market full of technology.
             We hope this recommendation will help with your concerns regarding the new optical notebook. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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