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Beverly hills fad diet

             The Beverly Hills diet was invented by former actress Judy Mazel. The Beverly Hills diet is a diet philosophy saying that only certain foods should be eaten together. Wrong food combinations can lead to inefficiently digested foods, which can cause weight gain. Fruit is the most efficient way to lose weight in this diet according to the diet papaya softens body fat; pineapple burns off the soft body fat and watermelon flushes it out of the body. Mazel promises if you follow the food combination diet plan you wont only lose weight but you"ll be skinny. .
             The diet consists of entire days of eating nothing but grapes or watermelon or two entire pineapples. The diet is set out to be eaten in the exact laid out order if not you will not get as good results. Mazel says after eating a cheeseburger if you eat pineapple or grapes they will burn off extra calories. During the diet you will mainly eat fruit with the occasional vegetable and protein. The diet consists for 35 days where fruit is the main food intake experts say we can all benefit from eating more produce but not to this extreme. .
             The diet definitely helps you lose weight but not in a healthy manner. Fruits are very low in calories but you may get so sick of eating the same food you may eat less overall which would also make you lose more weight. The diet also is missing many nutrition keys such as protein and fat and the nutrients found in the foods containing them such as zinc, iron, vitamin b-12, calcium and fatty acids. .
             The Beverly Hills diet is very unbalanced and unsafe especially if its used over a long period of time. According to Jackie Newgent a nutrition consultant " The body is amazingly equipped to efficiently handle all kinds of food and nutrients at once. If anything Mazel's diet plan is likely to throw things out of balance and cause stomach upset. The idea that combining foods in a certain way makes no sense.".

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